87th Oscars Predictions.

I bet you’re all excited for the awards that start in around 12 hours time!!! Woohoooo! I know I am! Check out my previous post for my best movies of the year if you’re interested! As promised, here is my list of predictions for the 87th academy awards in around 8 hours time. This year’s awards are going to be quite interesting although the number of snubs leave a bad taste in my mouth. Anyhow, it’s always nice to know that the person/film you’re rooting for has at least a chance to take home the big prize. If you’re one of those that have lost faith in the academy, I hope the fact that the undecided nature of the Big Three awards will make you somewhat excited again.

Oh and Neil Patrick Harris will rock tonight’s show. Here’s to hoping he bring’s some of his Tony’s magic tonight ūüôā

nph oscars

Best Animated Film:

Who will win? How To Train Your Dragon 2

Who should win? I strongly feel that there isn’t strictly anyone that deserves the win, all of them showed brilliance in different ways.

Best Foreign Film:

Who will win? Ida

Who should win? Probably Ida

Snubs? Force Majeure. It should even win this award for brilliant dark humour and fantastic perspective.

Best Original Music Score:

Who should and will win? Johann Johansson, The Theory Of Everything

Snubs? Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, Gone Girl. James Howard, Nightcrawler¬† Honestly, it should have been these two snubs battling out for first prize. It’s that good. One has a ghostly atmospheric tone and the other is an ironic triumphant neo-noir soundscape.

Gone Girl:


Best Original Song:

Who should and will win? Glory by John Legend and Common, Selma

Best Cinematography:

Who should and will win? Emmauel Lubezki, Birdman

Best Visual Effects:

Who should and will win? Interstellar, although X-men: Days Of Future Past and Dawn Of the Planet Of The Apes are strong contenders.

Interstellar black hole

Best Make-Up:

Who should and will win? Elizabeth Yianni Georgiou and David White, Guardians Of The Galaxy

Best Costume Design:

Who should and will win? Milena Canonero, The Grand Budapest Hotel

Grand-Budapest-Hotel costumes

Best Film Editing: 

Who should and will win? Tom Cross, Whiplash. But Boyhood is a very strong contender.

Best Writing and Adapted Screenplay:

Who will win? Probably The Imitation Game¬†It’s the only one that voters can credit Harvey Weinstein’s massive campaigning, without causing any further outrage. Another King’s Speech or Shakespeare In Love? Nah, they’ll have to settle for this one award.

Who should win? Whiplash.¬†It’s not strictly adapted, because Chazelle adapted it from his own short film. It’s kinda weird Whiplash is even here. If it does actually win, it will be the most original adapted screenplay. It’s an oxymoron that people will love for years to come.

Best Original Screenplay:

Who will and should win? The Grand Budapest Hotel  Wes Anderson and Hugo Guinness should be proud. From the characters to the respective narratives and intricacies to the building of a pinkish hued castle modeled after european aristocracy, the mildly fantastical world is something to behold. The Grand Budapest Hotel beats out the rest, and leaves a sweet impression.

Best Supporting Actress: 

Who will and should win? Patricia Arquette for Boyhood.¬†¬†This girl is on fireee! Sweeping awards after awards, Patricia Arquette’s organic and heartfelt performance as the troubled mom in Boyhood transcends to viewers of all types.

Best Supporting Actor:

Who will and should win? J.K. Simmons for Whiplash. Like Arquette, Simmons has this one locked up. And deservedly so. Fletcher was fantastic!

Fletcher whiplash

Best Actress:

Who will win? Julianne Moore for Still Alice. ¬†Julianne Moore will most likely take the big prize later with a magnificent performance as an Alzheimer’s victim.

Who should win? Rosamund Pike for Gone Girl. ¬†If Rosamund Pike wins this, I’ll be stoked! The unsettling feeling she creates with Amy Dunne, her nuanced personality with sociopathic tendencies and a warped coolness in her demeanor takes my top spot. Go go Rosamund!

Julianne Moore happy still aliceAmy Dunne bed

Best Actor:

Who will win? Eddie Redmayne for The Theory Of Everything. He will win by very fine margins. His Hawking impression might sway the more emotional voters.

Who should win? Very very tough call. Both Redmayne and Keaton deserve it for their performances, and struck an emotional chord in me.

Snubs? Jake Gyllenhaal and David Oyelowo to replace Cooper and Carell. Jake Gyllenhaal should even win this thing.

Eddie Redmayne HawkingBirdman-Michael-Keaton

Best Director:

Who will win? Alejandro G Inarritu for Birdman.¬†Having won the guild awards especially the Director’s Guild Awards (the most accurate predictor for the oscars), Inarritu’s extremely bold one-take stylistic approach is the one to beat.

Who should win? Again, a very tough answer. Richard Linklater’s Boyhood is a phenomenal achievement. Spanning 12 years and shooting once a week for each year, his unwavering faith and vision deserves to be credited. Alejandro Inarritu’s one-take style is complex and intrigruing, his work is equally deserving. Both created new styles to be revered for years to come. In my view, Richard Linklater deserves it over Alejandro Inarritu by a small margin.

Snubs? David Fincher and Ava DuVernay to replace Morten Tyldum and Bennett Miller. No qualms about that.

And finally the big prize of the night…

Best Picture:

Who will win? Boyhood. This one is going to go down to the wire. Boyhood’s the ‘family and coming of age’ movie that shone. It won the Golden Globes, the critic’s awards and the Baftas. Birdman is the slightly quirky dark humour movie that took home all three Guild Awards. Each has a strong case, and I’m really interested to see how this goes. Whiplash and Selma are dark horses.

Who should win? Boyhood. I ranked it as my second best film of the year. Whiplash is ranked third. Selma is ranked fifth. And I gave Birdman seventh on my list. Some might not see the ‘point of the movie’, but it felt so natural,organic and heartwarming. An all encompassing film on life and growing up, Boyhood is my favourite for Best Picture.

Snubs? Gone Girl and Nightcrawler. Huge snubs.

boyhood ethan and ellar


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  1. great list. we’re on the same page on a lot of stuff; i didn’t bother with haf the categories, though, as i am behind on the films, and i am not sure i could judge something like visual effects with any authority

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    1. jwforeva says:

      Thanks! I just saw your list and it is in fact quite similar. Great minds think alike haha. Yeah me too, I’m no expert in visual effects,but it’s more of a feeling thing like which one is more enthralling.

      Liked by 1 person

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