Liebster Award:

Ok this one’s late too by about 2 months. Anyways, many thanks to MovieManJackson from for nominating me for the Liebster Award. Big thanks to you man! Check his blog out, his reviews are always on point and insightful; They are a delight to read!

Ok so now I’m going to answer the questions posed to me…

1. Who is your favorite film reviewer to read work from (living or deceased)?

None. I don’t read movie reviews often enough to have a favourite reviewer. Plus, I think that if you want a complete view, you shouldn’t limit yourself to a select few opinions. There are so many great reviewers out there!

2. Worst film you have recently seen?

Insurgent. It was dull and didn’t connect at all.

3. Best film you have recently seen?

Ex Machina. Provocative and stylistically unusual.

4. What summer 2015 blockbuster are you most excited about?

Hmm, maybe Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation. I’m actually more interested in awards season time at the end of the year.

5. Twitter or Facebook?

Both. Each one serves a different purpose.

6. It is one night before you are executed for a crime you didn’t commit. What is your last meal?

Interesting question! Normally I’d just reply with steak and some fancy dessert and wine. But given the preamble, I’d probably be sad as hell so I wouldn’t really care what I’d be eating.

7. How far away do you live from your closest theater?

Maybe a few kilometers away. Around 3?

8. Where do you see yourself in five years (interview question!)?

Physically,I’d be in university. But I ‘see’ myself,hopefully, as having achieved something worthwhile and meaningful. I also hope to take more risks and experience life to its fullest.

9. Age-old question: Pop or Soda?

Soda. In my hood, there ain’t got nobody sayin’ pop’. Haha personally, I don’t care much for different terminologies. Call it whatever you want man!

10. Is censorship always a bad thing?

Nope. It’s a complex issue that has no end but in my view, if we want to to retain our rights to a certain degree of self privacy, then we’d be hypocrites to lambast a system which censors. Having said that, too much censorship kills knowledge,liberty and democracy. There has to be a balance.But in the end, there will always be parties and groups of people who aren’t satisfied. That’s life I guess.

11. Favorite TV comedy of all time?

How I Met Your Mother.

I’ll update this post too with my nominees for this award.


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  1. Jay says:

    Soft drinks for us 🙂


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