The Revenant: Cerebral and visceral.

I can say with confidence that Inarritu’s Birdman has been well and truly beaten by his latest work in The Revenant, at least in my opinion. Although The Revenant tries to heap a great deal of self-importance on its subject matter like its predecessor, it’s more relevant here. “Chivo” Lubezki’s previous wins in cinematography for Gravity and Birdman have not stopped him from shooting another epic picture. The guy is on fire. But you know who else is on fire? Leonardo DiCaprio. Hugh Glass has been through hell and back. Leo channels that unwillingness to give up, braving the harsh marshlands by crawling out of a grave and sleeping in the carcass of a horse. Simply put, he’s been beaten like he’s dirt. With so much time dedicated to chart his rise from the dead, The Revenant teems with the unforgiving forces of nature and man. Shot with a whirling blur of Glass’ corporeal desire to survive at all costs and the surreal visions of painful loss, this is 2015’s most rough and ravishing film.

The scope of Emmanuel Lubezki’s camera movements is something to behold. Whether it be capturing the breaking of the sun’s rays into a bluish sky, or the blaze of a fire in the darknening dusk, or the manouvres of Glass and the bear mauling him, Chivo’s eye for the moment is unmatched. Just like Inarritu’s previous films, Chivo’s shots add an added dimension. It’s experimental but also visceral. After winning the big prize for Gravity and Birdman, I’m tipping him to win it again this year.

the revenant bison

Alejandro.G.Inarritu’s film is set in the 1820s where tensions between the French, Red Indians and the Americans make for an uncertain and dangerous terrain. The hunting party which we’re introduced to includes Glass (DiCaprio), Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy), Captain (Domhnall Gleeson) and fellow huntsman Jim (Will Poulter). They soon encounter a surprise ambush which really sets the film into motion. Even without watching the film, you probably already know about the bear attack scene. But you have to see it to believe. I had my jaw gaping and my fingers clinging on to my clothes. In one of the most extraordinary scenes in cinema, Hugh Glass fights a bear to the death. Glass’ struggle and excruciating expressions say it all;And we’re only just getting started.

the revenant leo desperate

After being left for dead, he ressurects from the earth above him with an indescribable thirst for vengeance. Inarritu’s focus is all on the protagonist with short moments for the other narratives and characters at play. I really like that Glass’ struggle and injuries still hinder his movement greatly and there’s a real effort to portray both his mental and physical pain. I suppose one doesn’t simply emerge with the sparkle and radiance of a new man right after a bear attack. Still, I’ll give credit to Inarritu for engaging in his character’s slow and torturous recovery. After all, the film relies solely on one man’s unwavering will to survive. Some people think it’s style doesn’t fit the simple nature of the film’s purpose. I think there’s an even greater need to explore Hugh Glass’ psyche; The film did just that. I really liked the spiritual scenes in the film which help explore the complexities of Glass as a character. These scenes of Glass’ tenderness with his loved ones in a tranquil setting may be contrived, but provides much needed warmth to his character.

I think it’s important to know that this is so much more than charting one man’s course of revenge. It isn’t so much about the end result as it is about the journey. The Revenant is more concerned about the atrocities that Glass has endured than the supposed greater meaning behind it all. And rightly so. Leonardo DiCaprio has completely immersed himself in his role (to the point of eating real bison meat), his character’s suffering transcend in more ways than one. It is in the very essence of the struggle itself that The Revenant seems to take great pride and pleasure in showing, which makes for a unique psychological journey.

I ain’t afraid to die anymore…I’d done it already – Hugh Glass


The production team braved extreme conditions to get the film done. Producers dropped out. Funding was uncertain. And a certain Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu insisted on filming using as much of the natural environment and light as possible. But The Revenant was still made. This doesn’t mean it deserves more credit of course. I simply admire the amount of dedication in making the movie. Did it pay off? That’s something you’ll have to answer for yourself. It’s definitely one of the best movies I’ve seen this year.

the revenant glass and wife

Rating: 8.7/10  I’m thoroughly impressed with Leo’s acting. After being nominated for 5 times, this has to be his year. I’m tipping Emmanuel Lubezki to be the strongest contender for any cinematography awards as well. The soundtrack was awesome too.

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  1. Just finished this movie, and I agree superb all around! It has to be Leo’s year, and what he must say less than 500 words the entire movie.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. jwforeva says:

      Yes OMG just give that damn award to Leo already!! Yeah,so different from his previous roles like in wolf of wall street but just as great.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Loved the film.. I have to see it again as now it’s been over a month since I was lucky enough to see the very first screening of the finished version with Leo & Alejandro doing the post interviews. I was absolutely completely blown away and they were both such gentlemen .. it’s Leo’s year this year..hands down.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. jwforeva says:

      I’m jealous right now haha. So lucky!

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  3. Keith says:

    Really frustrated at this one. Dying to see it but it doesn’t open any near me until January 9th. Can’t wait.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. jwforeva says:

      A week or so! It’ll be worth it. Yeah I’m a little pissed with the whole idea that films want more awards season traction and thus release late. I have a feeling you’ll be changing your top 10 list after watching this 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Keith says:

        It’s funny you say that. I was going to wait to see it before doing my list, but I decided to go ahead anyway. Call it a bit of pointless protesting against these stupid release schedules.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. jwforeva says:

    Haha many of the films release even later where I’m at, even well into January and Feb. I had to get some of my movies online. But I should be coming up with a list pretty soon so stay tuned!


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