Silkworm; A Poem

I have little knowledge of this wondrous creation

With imagination, I fathom an impression

This grey bulbous matter in motion

Spinning and weaving through disposition


So one day I share my thoughts at noon

People say that I’m a cocoon

I’m an enclosed cave, yet a bottomless lagoon

So I set forth; My curiosity ballooned


Inside the dense and fearsome jungle

I trudge hesitantly, each step’s a hassle

The cerebral canopies try to mangle

But I never yield to the struggle


For the first time I see with a piercing shine

No longer is it a construct I entwined

When I lightly caress her frame, I find

The power of experience that’s uniquely mine



Tell me what you think I’m trying to say 🙂 I want to hear your interpretations!








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