Time to review the documentaries nominated for Oscars 2016.

Hey my lovely readers 🙂

So basically I’m kind of done reviewing this last year’s films or is it this years…urgh dumb awards season causing all kinds of confusion. I’m going to do a review on The Peanuts Movie real soon 🙂 I didn’t do reviews on some of the movie I’ve watched like Joy, Creed, The Hateful Eight, Steve Jobs, Bone Tomahawk, Mad Max and The Martian, The Duke Of Burgundy…not because I didn’t like them but I just didn’t get the feels to review them. It’s also probably because they didn’t particularly have an impact on me. But if you guys want to, just say it in the comments section and that might give me that added motivation to do it just for you 🙂

But now my plan is to watch the nominated documentaries (a few of them are on netflix! So check them out and tell me what you think) and review them. I’ve only ever watched maybe one documentary before, so this should be pretty interesting. Isn’t it great that unlike in film, these are actual real-life unbiased depictions that bring light to an important subject! There’s one about Amy Winehouse, one about an optician who confronts the killer of his brother in the Indonesian genocide, one about Ukraine’s fight for freedom, one about the life of Nina Simone and the last one about the drug trade in Mexico. Fans of music and jazz will be pretty happy that there’s 2 documentaries about the melancholic and colourful life of two greats. I’m pretty excited to watch them all, so look out for my reviews! I don’t know how they’ll pan out, but they sure look serious and will definitely be meaningful.

These are the documentaries nominated for the Oscars…

Amy , The Look Of Silence, Winter On Fire: Ukraine’s Fight For Freedom, What Happened, Ms. Simone?, Cartel Land

Amy posterthe-look-of-silence-posterWinter-on-Fire-Poster


Can’t wait to watch them!!











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  1. Chloe Lauren says:

    I watched Amy! It was heartbreaking but so insightful! Her father is not shown in the best light. For a long time people have seen him as this great man, but now because of the documentary, the truth was revealed. Also, this documentary has put Amy Winehouse back in the charts, and has put her head to head with Adele for a Brit award. 🙂

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    1. jwforeva says:

      I see,seems like she had a tough life.That’s cool 🙂 Can’t wait to watch it!! And I should start listening to her music as well to get some perspective

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Chloe Lauren says:

        She really did! I mainly watched it because I did like her music. Little did I know, how much the music is genuinely about her. Literally every song!

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      2. jwforeva says:

        Nice I plan on watching it sometime this weekend. I just watched Winter on fire: Ukraine’s fight for freedom though, it was really great!

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      3. Chloe Lauren says:

        I haven’t heard of that! I have only recently started watching more documentaries!


      4. jwforeva says:

        I’ll post a review of that sometime later in the day! Me too!! netflix has some as well

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      5. Chloe Lauren says:

        Oh ok! I use Amazon Prime so I might see which ones they actually have!


      6. jwforeva says:

        I haven’t tried it, is it good?

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      7. Chloe Lauren says:

        It’s actually quite good! There is quite a bit of choice!


      8. jwforeva says:

        Yeah I just checked it out, they seem to have this year’s nominated documentaries but you still gotta pay with prime?

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      9. Chloe Lauren says:

        Yes! You can have a month free though to try it out. It’s not too much.


      10. jwforeva says:

        Everything’s free? Hmm, they don’t have the prime icon next to the more recent films…but everything’s free on Netflix!!! Oh at least for me, I just started my free month haha 😉


      11. Chloe Lauren says:

        Well you don’t have to pay for the individual movies or shows! You just pay for the entire thing and enjoy 😉 haha!

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      12. jwforeva says:

        Haha oops must have seen wrong! I’m going to enjoy my free month now :))

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      13. Chloe Lauren says:

        Yeah Amazon Prime is separate to the normal movies! Oh and what are you going to watch first?

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      14. jwforeva says:

        Maybe Amy! Or The look of silence. You?

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      15. Chloe Lauren says:

        Oh Ok! At the moment I am catching up on the show Sherlock 🙂

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      16. jwforeva says:

        Oh I feel like watching Mozart in the jungle as well. And I can’t wait for Gotham to start again 🙂 Oh and I was browsing through, Queen of earth looks like an interesting psychological thriller that I might watch

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      17. Chloe Lauren says:

        Oh I have seen that advertise. There is quite a bit of choice and I have seen some awesome stuff that I really need to try 🙂

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  2. katelon says:

    I wouldn’t say documentaries are “unbiased”. They are always coming from the originators point of view and can be very slanted.


    1. jwforeva says:

      Fair enough, but the highly rated ones are mostly a truthful depiction of what goes on. Like this year’s documentaries, they’ve been lauded for the unflinching and uncompromising depictions.

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  3. vinnieh says:

    I have Amy recorded on my television and am curious to watch it.


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