Owl’s are awesome

When I was young I was fascinated with animals. I still am now and I’ve gone through the different phases of being totally into that one special animal out of nature’ beautiful and vast array of fauna. Because I would read up alot on even specific species of almost all kinds of animals, my ‘favourite’ animals are especially special…think about it, they had to fight off everyone in the animal kingdom, including these other animals’ half-cousins, cross-breeds, doppelgangers and godfathers…Yes even the pseudo-forms of these animals. Just ask pseudo-scorpion, uh huh, I figured him out too. No animal was too complex for my taste, and none so vile that I wouldn’t take a second,then third glance at them…then read pages after pages of info about them. Sadly, I haven’t pursued this interest as of late, but looking at animal videos and nat geo makes me want to go hunting again. The little explorer lives 🙂

In the meantime, I’ll just dedicate this post to my favourite animal as a means of re-igniting my little hobby. Who knows, I might even post animal-related things in future. But for now…let’s talk favourite animals! Jaguars were my earliest favourite animal. I attribute that partially to the fact that we always went to see the jaguar feeding session. I remember being slightly unsettled by how skull-shattering their biteforce was and I instantly fell in love with their rosette spots. Fast, beautiful, and pound-for-pound the most powerful feline in the animal kingdom, Jaguars are just BAM.

Then, I made room for another animal. This one doesn’t want trouble. He’s small. He’s just minding his own business. But if you fuc* with him, you’re dead. There’s something badass about that. This animal is none other than the mongoose. I first saw the mongoose in some animal book – The first image to the animal showed it battling the king cobra. I was like WHAT?! This rat-like creature ain’t got nothin on that cobra! I mean come on! After I saw the infopics depicting the joke showdown, it was clear the mongoose wasn’t the joke. “The Indian Gray Mongoose have special acetylcholine receptors that make them resistant to snake venome.” O_0. And they usually play a mind game with cobras, tiring them before beating their ass. Go Mongoose!

Look at this devious guy just chilling in an obviously awkward position, loco right? Don’t mess with this mongoose.

Thought I should include a funny vid on Honey Badgers(the more badass version of the mongoose haha), who pretty much embodies the spirit of not caring whatsoever. Somehow, that’s a really attractive quality.


But there’s one animal that has grown on me so much that I just absolutely adore it. She’s not as carefree as the honey badger, nor as underdog as the mongoose nor as powerful as the jaguar. But it’s one hell of a hunter – Huge wingspan to give it lift, piercing eyes that give it the best vision day AND night, and asymmetrical ears for a three dimensional mental image of sound and space…The Owl is simply awesome.

Barred owl. Photo © Ralph Daily / Flickr through a Creative Commons license.

Barred owl. Photo © Ralph Daily / Flickr through a Creative Commons license.

“An Owl uses these unique, sensitive ears to locate prey by listening for prey movements through ground cover such as leaves, foliage, or even snow. When a noise is heard, the Owl is able to tell its direction because of the minute time difference in which the sound is perceived in the left and right ear – for example, if the sound was to the left of the Owl, the left ear would hear it before the right ear. The Owl then turns it’s head so the sound arrives at both ears simultaneously – then it knows the prey is right in front of it. Owls can detect a left/right time difference of about 0.00003 seconds (30 millionths of a second!)

An Owl can also tell if the sound is higher or lower by using the asymmetrical or uneven Ear openings. In a Barn Owl, the left ear left opening is higher than the right – so a sound coming from below the Owl’s line of sight will be louder in the right ear.

The translation of left, right, up and down signals are combined instantly in the Owl’s brain, and create a mental image of the space where the sound source is located. Studies of Owl brains have revealed that the medulla (the area in the brain associated with hearing) is much more complex than in other birds. A Barn Owl’s medulla is estimated to have at least 95,000 neurons – three times as many as a Crow.” – www.owlpages.com

Plus they look absolutely majestic and mystical. Sort of angelic and sort of creepy as well, legend has it that the owl’s eyes show the whole universe. If you aren’t lost in their eyes, then you’ll be won over by their adorable and cute appearance. I swear Harry Potter rooted the impression that owls are cutesy and cuddly, I really want to cuddle an owl some day. Hopefully, it won’t start ripping me to shreds HAHA.

ps.I have a hedwig plushie at home that I got from the Warner Bros studios in London!!

The majestic owl-


And here’s another video of an owl who’s currently being rehabilitated. I’m showing this because there are wonderful groups out there helping all kinds of animals who need temporary/permanent care. This one goes out to all who dedicate their time to help animals get back to health. Poor owl just lost her partner and kudos to you guys for giving her the comfort and love ❤


So. What’s your favourite animal?



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  1. emmakwall says:

    What an amazing post! I love learning more about you and I love cute animals haha! Fascinating too 🙂 that mongoose does look a little scary! Ha ha.

    My favourite animals are: cats, ducks and alligators 🙂 I do have genuine reasons for all!!! Alligators are prehistoric and never changed or evolved any differently because they were already so god damned perfect! For that..I love them 🙂 ducks I love because they are just hilarious the way the walk, the way the run together in little groups. They just have personality, I like all birds actually.

    And cats – my no.1! I just LOVE cats 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. jwforeva says:

      Haha most of the mongooses…mongeese?…look pretty harmless, like a cross between a rat and a lemur. But when they’re angry, shit goes down. That lemur in my post definitely has plans HAHA

      Wow really? Interesting! Alligators are super badass. And they don’t really age do they?
      HAHAHA the way they run together in little groups XD Cute 🙂 I love them as well, birds!! Yes! But I don’t get to see them enough and in their natural environment. So when I actually see an exotic bird like a white cockatoo in the nearby forest, it’s always a special moment 🙂 If I’m lucky I get to see yellow/blue swallows that dart around 🙂
      Cats are ok. But dogs are bae 😉


    2. jwforeva says:

      Nah I’m kidding haha, cats are cute too 🙂 I just have the impression that dogs are more affectionate 🙂


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