Videos for the weekend; Toucans, Justice League and Oxenfree.

Hi guys! How are ya’ll doing? For this post, I’d like to show ya’ll a couple of videos and share some of my thoughts.

I love birds! I came across this toucan video and I had to share it with you guys. Toucans are definitely exotic and wild birds, so having one that’s domesticated is rare. You gotta devote alot of time and effort to their care so yeah,even if we could, where in the WORLD can you find a toucan like that??! Best we can do is to just enjoy the beauty and love these birds show our fellow humans. What an affectionate little beauty 🙂


Does anyone think the Justice League trailer isn’t all that awesome. I dunno, I guess I’m just not feeling it. There’s some comedic elements here and there, but it feels Marvel-ish. It’s not particularly dark or emotionally arresting either which I was hoping DC would try to embrace. Instead, they go with Zack Snyder’s over-dramatization which feels tacky. The first few notes here sound like the ones used in BVS. I’m a huge DC fan and I loved their animated series when I was a kid. But I’m not feeling it with Snyder’s directing.

I’ve always maintained that someone like David Fincher should direct DC films. He has the right style that could really bring some real grit and darkness the franchise so badly needs.


Recently, I watched a twitch stream of Kim (Tranquil Dreams)‘s gameplay of this ultra cool game called Oxenfree. I loved the dark atmosphere and how it contrasted with the colourful and ‘real’ characters. Loved it so much I even bought the game and I intend on starting tonight. Basically, it’s a decision-based game where you can decide both your dialogue choices and in-game decisions which will affect how the game pans out. I’m getting the coming-of-age vibe with a 1980’s supernatural horror feel. If you feel nostalgic about this or if you like the series Stranger Things, you might want to check this game out.

ps. I’m not a gamer by any means, but I’m so so excited for this. Gonna play it now!

And here’s the trailer!


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