My Trip To Eastern Europe, part 6

There’s alot of exciting things I wanna share you guys in this post on my travels to Berlin and Dresden. But I wanna begin it with this sight I chanced upon whilst taking a stretch when our tour bus came to stop for a while at the sideroad. Dog’s are indeed man’s best friend. There’s just so much a picture can tell. I wonder what experiences these two have gone through but they sure make each other stronger. This one really inspires me.


Cool-ass balloon.




Berlin wall.


Can’t help but think of “The Social Contract” by Jean-Jacques Rousseau. “Man is born free and everywhere he is in chains.”


Kadewe shopping centre.

The ‘in’ mall in Berlin. Biggest most badass mall. Why? The entire 7th floor is filled with tons and tons of chocolate, among other gastronomical delights. Pumpkin spice vodka. Pig’s trotters. Dry aged and smoked ENTIRE rack of pork just hanging from a rod as the butcher slices ever so delicately. Want some fresh seafood and wine? Just sit at some place (any place) and wait to be served immediately. You go in and you stay in. Kadewe is a monster of a shopping mall and I mean that in a good way.

But my focus is on the chocolates. Chocolate lovers like me have sensors on…locked in…on that succulent…oh m G.

You cannot see the end to this, it just keeps going on and on…


and on…DSC02673.JPG

and on…


HOLY. I didn’t buy any chocolates though (kinda ex haha) but we did go to the cheese shop and got some goat’s cheese with fig and apricot which was really awesome. Cheese lovers, this is a great place. For exotic food lovers, try your luck out with the same shop, I hear they sell really exotic animal parts periodically 😉 And chocolate lovers, well, I don’t think there’s anything else that needs to be said. This is basically heaven. I.MUST.COME.BACK.

Dresden, Germany

Dresden’s a really beautiful place. There’s so much culture and history which shaped the architecture over the years, if I’m being completely honest, I already forgot most of it 😛 Hope these pictures do the place some justice at least.


This little cherub caught my attention.I know they’re all saintly and up high on the pedestal and all that, but look at him! He’s just obnoxiously flaunting away, clearly not giving two damns about whatchiu all think. That’s sass right there.


Dresden’s unique placement of the cathedral and palace is made even more distinct when you consider the clash of classical and gothic styles as well as the blackish worn out buildings and the newer reconstructed ones. A serious melting pot of styles that any art,cultural or historical enthusiast would love.


I should seriously compile a post with all my bubble pictures. Literally everywhere ‘square’ (by the loosest definition of the word) has that one dude making these bubbles. It’s all over Eastern europe!! Everywhere I go! And I love it. Watch out for my bubble post;bubbles be bubblin’.


Next stop: Prague. Be sure to check out part 7 soon! Hope you enjoyed this 🙂


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  1. Matt says:

    Wow, I can spend my entire trip to Berlin on that 7th floor.

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    1. jwforeva says:

      I can imagine haha! I would too!


  2. vinnieh says:

    Those sweets are making me hungry.

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      1. vinnieh says:

        I need sweets now.

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