My Trip To Eastern Europe,part 7


Prague’s our second last destination before we travel back to Munich. The word in the street is definitely true. Prague is a hell of a beautiful place. I wish I had more time to spend here, but we still managed to make it worthwhile.


The funny thing was I didn’t get to see the end of his performance. Guy simply took way too long lol 😛


One of the shirts in a souvenir store. All kinds of interesting stuff as shown below 😉

fuck milk got beer.jpg

Old Town Square’s Cinnamon Rolls are awesome. It’s roasted over coal and tastes super bomb. You have to try this if you’re in Prague.

prague rolls 1.jpg



It’s overcast but it’s still gold. Prague is phenomenal. I used to think Paris was the only place you could snap a picture anywhere and it’ll look like it came from a magazine. Prague is another one.


Some panoramic shots.


From the Charles Bridge. It’s always so crowded but it’s still a worthwhile visit. The views are awesome so just snap a few and spend your time just enjoying the view. You definitely don’t want to be too carried away looking through your camera. Experience it with your own eyes 🙂


Holy smokes. If you’re in Old Town Square (which is basically the main square), you have to check out this restaurant called White Horse. This one is just about the most badass place I’ve ever eaten in. It looks modest enough on ground level and the food is reasonably priced but check this baby out.


It’s a 12th century cave beneath. Absolutely love the modern decor and lighting, my mum and I spent the entire time just poking in and out between the nooks and crannies of the underground. There’s secluded spaces and little caves within the cave for you and your friends to have a drink and chill. Sorry for the blurry photos 😦 But man, White Horse is freakin COOL! Damn, where the hell other than Europe do you find places like this?!?!



Some cute pictures of birds to end my post.


Swans on the Vltava River doing a real life version of Swan Lake. Better than Tchaikovsky.


Stay tuned for my last post on my trip where we head back to Munich. I’ll have a special post after that compiling all my night shots!


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