Fluid life

I was thinking of compiling a list of interesting night shots I captured during my trip holiday a month or so ago. I was playing around with the frame rate and the way I could essentially capture a snapshot of moving life. I’ve sort of developed a fascination with these kinds of photos and I hope to convey that sense of fluidity and passage of time. There’s ways of making parts of the photo clear while other parts seem to be moving (which is even cooler), but that one requires skill that I absolutely do not possess 😛 So this is my version of moving photos…I call it fluid life. These were taken in Eastern Europe. Most of them were shot while I was in the coach bus.  Tell me what you think!












Hope you enjoyed this post! I will be posting my panoramas some time soon, so watch out for that if you’re interested.






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  1. katelon says:


    How was it to travel with a group of strangers? I’ve never traveled with people I didn’t know. I wondered what it is like to be on that kind of schedule, too, with someone else setting the pace and itinerary.

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  2. Cool pictures! Really gives a sense a movement.

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