Panoramas of Eastern Europe

This is what I’ve been wanting to show you guys for the longest time! If you’ve been haven’t seen my recent posts, I’ve done 7 posts (with mainly pictures) on my trip to Eastern Europe. I decided to dedicate a special post to panoramic photos from places all around. Enjoy 🙂

Halstatt, Austria. 







Fisherman’s Bastion, Budapest



Along the Danube River, Budapest


Panorama of beautiful Old Town Square in Prague which feature bodies getting cut off,sliced and folded because of obviously unsteady hands 😛 It’s just pure evil laughing at what jerky hands can do to a panoramic photo.


Dark lighting helps to hide the blemishes in the photo 🙂 But if you could spot the sliced bodies, then it’ll truly be a horror. Especially because this is well…you know, a cathedral.So yeah sliced bodies and uh…nevermind.


English Gardens, Munich


Hope you guys enjoyed this post!! It doesn’t take a photographer to be able to take awesome panoramic photos because the vastness of the landscape that you’re capturing needs no designs. Beauty is all there. Well, just try to avoid jerking so that people in your photo don’t look like cut-off paper bits and folded slices 😉

I have two more posts left to do on my trip. One will be the last part of my trip back to Munich and the other is a compilation of all the bubble pictures I took…you’d be surprised, there’s at least one street performer at any given time and day, at any major square in any city in Eastern Europe creating an endless stream of fanciful bubbles all around. Check back in with ya guys soon!

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  1. bloggeray says:

    Some really beautiful panoramic shots there. Great!

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