Introduction to FANA (Film & Nuance Awards)


Hey all 🙂 so if you guys were following me a year ago and read my posts, I did the same thing last year where I give a handful of nominees for each category in film and decided the winner in the said category. I called it it Bear Awards last year because I was so inspired by Leonardo DiCaprio’s acting in The Revenant (and we all know what went down 😉 ), so I named my blog awards after the outrageous bear attack scene. I also loved the Paddington movie. To fit in with the theme, I found a teddy bear I still owned and capped off each post with a pic of ‘Little Bear’ and some light banter and congratulations as if it were the one hosting the show. Yeah I know it’s silly and childish and all haha, I just thought I’d dedicate something funny and light-hearted as tribute to Leo’s amazing role in The Revenant last year. This year, there won’t be any bears presenting awards…it’ll simply be called Film And Nuance Awards aka FANA.

Here were my picks for last year which includes all the bear stuff I’m talking about 😛 These posts can all be found under the Film & Nuance Awards category.


P.s. Don’t worry Little Bear is still around 🙂 Little Bear just prefers to take the back seat when it comes to movies now, and prefers helping out with the blog than being an awards mascot.   😉

bear deadpool.jpg
Although still very much the diva


I will continue the tradition from last year and do 11 separate posts that will be posted throughout February in the lead up to Awards season and the Oscars. So if you’re interested, come check out my posts and tell me your thoughts on your favourites in the respective categories. Let’s do this!

There’s a number of movies I stil haven’t seen because either they’re not showing in where I’m from or I can’t find anywhere else to see them…in the event that I still can’t see the performances for a significant number of the frontrunners, I will simply not do the category at all. Will update ya’ll again!

  • Best Picture
  • Best Animation Film
  • Best Documentary
  • Best Actor
  • Best Actress
  • Best Supporting Actor
  • Best Supporting Actress
  • Best Director
  • Best Cinematography
  • Best Original Screenplay and Adapted Screenplay
  • Best Visuals,Editing,Soundtrack,Costume and basically everything else.

Upcoming post…Best Supporting Actor;My Picks


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