Best Screenplays, Foreign film, Music, Visuals and Animation of 2016; My Picks

This is the last post for FANA (Film and Nuance Awards) 2016 where I finish off the categories in film and give my own picks 🙂

Best Original Screenplay: Moonlight

I felt like Moonlight had such a personal and powerful voice entrenched in an experience that all of us could relate to in one way or the other. The tender moments and raw dialogue characterizes Moonlight’s look at the human within us…and the affection and identity that we seek. Based on Tarell Alvin McCraney’s own unproduced play, In Moonlight Black Boys Look Blue, I consider this still to be an original achievement.

Best Adapted Screenplay: Arrival

Entertaining, gripping, mind-bending and emotionally driven, Arrival is a full length film adapted from a short story, Story Of Your Life. There are many layers within the film and every single one of them serves to enrich its characters as well as our understanding of a world beyond. As the film progresses, a timely message about how we should treat others who are different from us makes Arrival an intellectual sci-fi wonder. The part where we question the purpose of our lives gives the film its emotional resonance.

Best Production Design: La La Land

Lush set designs and attention to detail gives La La Land it’s escapist wonderland vibe though the story is still essentially rooted in reality.

Best Sounds: Arrival

Best Original Score: Victoria

You have to listen these two pieces, if you’ve wanna ignore everything else, it’s fine as long as you take some time to hear this. It’s so beautiful.

Contemplative and moody classical music by Nils Frahm. It’s sort of liberating, and sort of miserable and yet heavily rooted in some sense of profound, painful realization. Just like the movie itself, it’s intense, ambiguous and simply exists in the flow of life itself.

Best Song: ‘I see a victory’ in Hidden Figures by Kim Burrell, Pharrell Williams

Best Visual Effects: Arrival

It just takes your breath away. I liked The Jungle Book, but Arrival’s gonna sweep the technical awards for me.

Best Costume: Jackie

Best Make-up and Hairstyling: Star-Trek Into Darkness

Best Animated Short: Pearl

I got to watch the shorts on Vimeo so if you’re interested, I suggest you check them out. A simple story about a vagabond Dad as he raises his daughter on the road, the soft tender glow of this film and it’s look at life’s realities tugs at my heartstrings.

Best Documentary: OJ: Made In America

I wished I had more access to documentaries. It’s just so damn hard to find just one even online. Anyhow, I saw three docu’s in 2016…OJ:Made In America, 13th and Tower. There’s so many others that I haven’t seen like Life,Animated, I am not your negro, Fire at sea. But the three that I have seen were really REALLY good. OJ, 13th and I am not your negro really explore race relations, racial discrimination and criminalization in great detail and marks 2016 as a year where America’s flawed history is compared to troubling realities. I chose OJ just because it covers a wide tapestry of American society, culture and mentality which are encapsulated in the celebrity and notoriety of one OJ Simpson. It is deft, complex and very insightful.

Best Foreign Film: Girls Lost

Related image

Mustang,The Handmaiden,Under The Shadow,Victoria make up the four other nominees in foreign film. This is a fantastic year for foreign films because each one of them is so unique in their own special way. And all of them feauture female protagonists. Apart from tearing traditional notions of gender roles, they explore sexuality, repression, empowerment and the power to will a change. Where that will take them…I will leave you to watch and surmise on your own. Girls Lost just beats out the rest and it’s my favourite foreign film of 2016.

Best Animated Film: The Red Turtle

The Little Prince would have been my second pick. Kubo, Zootopia and Sausage Party would have filled up my nominees list. But there is nothing like The Red Turtle. Profound, silent and deep, The Red Turtle succeeds in showing the corporeal and surreal sides of life. If you just allow yourself to go on this journey, it feels more meditative than boring. That’s the thing about the film, you don’t go into it demanding to feel a certain way…The Red Turtle, like life itself, presents more things that cannot be dreamt of in your imagination. So just ride along and I assure you that you’ll come out of it more enriched.

That pretty much wraps up FANA (Film and Nuance Awards) for 2016. I’ve had a great time doing this but its been kinda exhausting hehe 🙂 Hope you guys enjoyed the series 🙂 2016 was a FANTASTIC year for film! Phew…On to 2017 movies to review!







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  1. katelon says:

    Thanks for your post. I enjoyed Sausage Party and felt like it addressed important issues like racism, judgments against others, letting others decide for you rather than seeking info yourself and investigating….and yes, it was crass and the ending was over the top.

    I loved Arrival. I just watched Moonlight last night and WOW!…the music, editing, screenwriting, visuals, entire cast….! I was surprised that none of the 3 actors playing Chiron were nominated for Oscars. I especially liked the teenage and adult actors. Their eyes looked alike and seemed like the character grown up, and their performances were heart breaking. The ending was so tender and perfect. I was bullied and ostracized a lot growing up do I could relate to the character.


  2. lostatthecinema says:

    Hidden Figures has such great music! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeap! Gets me groovin everytime haha. How did it not get nominated for soundtrack?


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