Kong Skull Island:A smashing good time

I scouted around for some fan art for my featured image coz of the plethora of artwork dedicated to this movie by so many different artists and their varied styles. Then I came across this and it just blew me away. Many thanks to Dave Stafford for letting me use his downright bad-ass poster for this truly bad-ass film šŸ™‚ Check out his website here!

Kong Skull Island is a movie you go into without having to think about anything. It’s all about Kong and the other creatures lurking in Skull Island. There are references to the Vietnam War, Apocalypse Now-esque film elements and symbols, geo-politik tussle between the U.S and Russia and about the preservation of natural environments and human interference into sacred communities. But no, as much as I appreciate the film including all these elements into the mix, Kong Skull Island is very much an action-fest mashed with some kick-ass visuals and loads of smashing monster action. You don’t come out of this thinking, ‘Oh wow, I learned something.’ It’s just good fun. And after seeing a series of deep and serious movies during awards season (I love it,don’t get me wrong), sometimes it wears you out. Sometimes, all that one ever wants is a good popcorn movie šŸ˜‰

Being so huge in size, Kong looks like he’s been juiced up. And it certainly mirrors the style of the movie. The visuals on this one is pretty spectacular. There’s not a whole lot in the story department, but it trades that for some insanely wacky creatures and dynamic sequences. Characterization is pretty alright I guess. The colonel (Samuel L Jackson) is a pretty interesting character because of his military warfare complex and ego and the other stranded colonel Marlow (John C Reilly) was the most entertaining and heartfelt character in the movie. The other characters were basic stereotypical characters we’ve seen before, playing out character tropes that were predictable, boring and uninsightful. That’s offset by some really badass and interesting creatures. At least it got that part right.

Go see it if you just want to have a good time. There’s really not much else for me to say here. Cinematography was really on-point throughout, propping this Kong film up to something a little bigger than what it actually is. Take the visual look of Apocalypse Now and smash it together with some bad-monster on monster action and you’re in for some ridiculous fun.

Rating: 6/10


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Keith says:

    Glad you enjoyed it too. I absolutely loved it. It had such a fun nostalgic rhythm to it.


  2. Nice review and awesome poster!


  3. Jay says:

    Glad you enjoyed it!


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