The Void review; Cosmic fear

The Void is a crazy horror-house steeped in the overarching horrors of the supernatural unknowns, paying homage to the pastiche of practical effects in horror. I haven’t seen many old horror films but many have pointed out how it’s very much old-school in style so ardent horror fans, this one might interest you. But it isn’t just old-skool. There visions of some sort, or some surreal foreshadowing multiverse that cuts between zoom-outs, hauntingly soft voiceovers and the cryptic symbolism of the triangle. It might stick to the genre more than it breaks out of it, but The Void is a nail-biting, entertaining and bloody disgusting nighmare of the netherworld.

The classic horror-house type is at the centre of the film. Essentially, there is no escape. With the blood, gore, filthy creatures lurking neath the doomed hospital and murderous beings in white sheets (with a striking resemblance to horrors in our very world) trapping them inside living hell, The Void has no reprieve. I like how it shocks me with a present situation for me to realize that the foreboding and unseen is what truly terrifies even more. So basically, I’m dealing with both horrifying truths at the same time. Most horror films just get you in the moment; The Void, for the most part, hits you with the horror before you and destabilizes with the prospect of what’s yet to come. Smart edits, shocking gore and a collective doom extends from the darkest depths of cosmicism to base human fears and inability. This helplessness and fate then twists itself as it reaches its climax, and unleashes upon it’s viewers the extent of it’s hellish depravity. The visuals alone made me squirm and look away at times.

The Void is certainly not The Witch or Under The Shadow which have forged new paths in the horror genre, breaking and melding different themes to create a social-philosophical commentary about tragedy, fear and repression. These two are pioneers of new wave horror which have really given me new hope and excitement for future ‘art-house’ horror movies. That being said, The Void is not devoid of good qualities. As someone who doesn’t really enjoy mainstream horror (ghost/possession types are still a no-go for me), The Void roused my interest from the start and thrilled me with its gores. It provocates interesting ideas about the natural order of things, what lies after life and our perennial human fear with the mysticism of the unfathomable cosmos. And if they’re any Gravity Falls fans, would it intrigue you if I said that The Void (in my view) is somewhat an interpretation of Bill The Cipher? 🙂

Rating: 6.4/10


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  1. I’m too scare to watch horrors but I really like the picture you’ve added to this post.

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  2. Jade says:

    Cool review! This has some serious John Carpenter/Clive Barker vibes. As a major fan of old-school horror, I’m super psyched. Booking my tickets now. 😉

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