Weekend music; Chillhop

I’ve not done one of these weekend music posts in a while, so here it is!

For all you people out there, here’s abit of music that I love to just relax too. I mean it’s the most chill music ever and it suits so many different occasions. Whether you wanna spruce up a gathering or just sip some tea by the porch, I hope the chillhop vibes will make your day. I listen to this all the time and would gladly have it on 24/7 all day anywhere.

If you have the time on a nice weekend, whether you’re soaking in the sun or having a nice drink to settle into the end of the week, watch the video (first one) as you listen. The gorgeous panning panoramic shots of various cities/landscapes around the world is incredible. There’s just a whole new level of chill right here…




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