The Cabin In The Woods review; ‘I always feel like somebody’s watching me’

So I decided to watch and review a horror film for my good pal Markus’  Month of Spooks


I was supposed to do this in October but I’ve been so busy, but better late than never 🙂 Hope it’s still as spooky! Check out all the fantastic and spooky reviews in the link above! For my spooky review, I decided to watch and review The Cabin In The Woods.

The Cabin In The Woods is one of the more interesting horror films I’ve seen. Toying not just with narrative structure and expectatation, the film is a subversive and ironic foil to traditional horror tropes. Gruesome yet funny and ingenious all at the same time, its a continuous surprise from start to finish, cementing itself as an extremely entertaining film that appeals to both the mainstream and the satirical sensibilities.

A horror story within horror stories within even larger horror stories, the film succeeds in it’s novel scope and context. As you watch the film, you discover the wheels beginning to turn ominously on it’s characters; A certain unseen force works unbeknownst to our oblivious protagonists. With regards to suberting expectations, the film cleverly plays on the archetypal dumb character trope in movies by providing a foil in the character of Marty (Fran Krantz). With the subversion of plot, character and expectation, The Cabin In The Woods is every bit exhilirating, exciting and innovative in the dull swathe of commercial horror.

If you allow yourself to suspend belief, you’ll find that The Cabin In The Woods works quite well as a satire of sorts. Beneath its narrative switcheroos and twisty thrills, what it says about the minute nature of our lives in contrast to the unsettling and unknowing world at large is what sticks. There is a certain cynicism and disdain the film has with regard to our drone existence and blind faith in our actions. Unleashing a paroxysm of horrors of all kind in the final third of the film, the pandora’s box of consequences for human nature’s blind subservience to greater forces at play in the world is hilariously ruthless. Dark comedy and subversive protagonists keep us on the edge of our seat. We’re gripped by the choices these characters make and how they attempt to rebel against destiny.

Smart, beautifully horrific and extremely entertaining, The Cabin In The Woods has undoubtedly carved new roads in the horror genre. Between laughs and scares, it is occasionally a stinging satirical piece on how our existence thrives on blind conformity and faith which, as the film shows, is the true horror that we have to escape.

Rating: 9/10


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  1. Never too late for a good horror movie, and review like this one! This film was a mind-altering experience. And that is interesting the way you describe it working as a satire for how we respond to the unknown forces of our world!

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    1. Haha that’s very kind! Yeah personally I’m always up for horror films that aren’t just run of the mill types. Was surprised by how cool the film was 🙂

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      1. I was surprised too, it had so many twists and turns.

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  2. teny says:

    Well said! Laughs, scares, satire – I just loved this movie as one of my favourites of all time! 🙂

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