A Crackling Christmas; Food recipes and blog update

Merry Christmas guys 🙂 I haven’t posted in a LONG while due to my busy schedule in uni and a recent community service trip I went to for a couple of weeks. I’ve been back for a few days now and got right into the festive spirit by whipping up some dishes for the family. I plan to get right into reviewing as many movies as we gear up towards the end of the year and the start of 2018. And we all know what that means…AWARDS SEASON!! *Geeking out because awards season is like a second christmas for us film nerds*. I have Call Me By Your Name and The Killing Of A Sacred Deer review coming up soon, so stay tuned 🙂 Anyhow, I hope you guys have been doing great and can’t wait to read all your lovely blogs whenever I can. I have so much to catch up on.

Anyhow, I thought I’d share a few festive foodie pics with ya’ll enjoy!

Lamb chops for Christmas Eve 🙂

Handful of Mint and Rosemary. Generous amount of garlic and olive oil. Blend it all. Rub marinade into meat and put it all into a ziploc bag. Let rest in fridge for a few hours (the longer the better). Then take it out 10-20 mins before cooking. I pan fried these but you could sear them quickly and place the pan in the oven as well.



Pork loin crackling for the Christmas dinner we just had

Rosemary, thyme, sage, garlic and olive oil. Mash them all together in a mortar bowl (I’m sure a food blender would work as well). Rub marinade all over the pork and place in ziploc bag for a few hours in the fridge. Take it out 20-30 mins before putting into oven. Pre-heat oven to 200 degrees celsius. Before putting it in, score the fat cap and season fat cap generously with salt (important for crackling texture). For the first 20 mins, oven temperature should be 200 degrees celsius. After that, adjust temp down to around 170 for the remainder of the time. I’ve found this to be better than a constant 170 throughout because the first 20 mins of high temperature will crisp up the pork better. This will make the crackling extra crispy. Enjoy!

pork 2.jpg




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  1. Sounds lovely! Hope you had an amazing Christmas!


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