Music in Twin Peaks: The Return

Above, a photo of Chromatics and David Lynch. (photo courtesy of Chromatics) How awesome is that?!

Recently, I finished watching Twin Peaks: The Return, David Lynch and Mark Frost’s third season after the first two seasons that were aired 25 years ago. Apart from it being simply the most breathtaking visual experience I’ve ever seen in my life, music and sound is as crucial to our understanding of Twin Peaks as its visual elements. From recurring sound elements specific to the tone and characters to the sweeping soundscapes of synth and jazz, Twin Peak’s music elevates it to an eccentric, glorious and transcendent experience like none other. I whole-heartedly recommend watching the show. While I can certainly understand how some people disregard it as too abstract and auteur, it has in fact an immense amount of care and love for its characters, their plights and emotions. And yes, Twin Peaks may offer no concrete answers. But isn’t that like life? I urge you to go in not wanting all the answers for everything. Let go of your pre-conceived notions of how a tv series should be. Let yourself be consumed and overwhelmed by it all. If you have the patience, Twin Peaks would have stirred up something in you that you didn’t know you had.

Below are a few of my favourite tunes/songs from Twin Peaks. Enjoy.


And of course, Angelo Badalamenti’s iconic theme.


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  1. Jay says:

    I haven’t watched the new stuff yet. I’m sort of psyching myself up for it. I rewatched the old stuff last year. Is this as hard as I’m thinking?

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    1. Haha nope! If you love the first two seasons, this one will be even better. It is alot to take in though, I feel exhausted after every episode LOL


  2. I watched Episode 1 and tentatively concluded Lynch had lost his touch. Did u also think it starts a bit…Slow?

    Angelo’s music is what drew me in psychologically in the original, which I loved. Haven’t watched the new season yet (other than Ep: 1) but the Chromatics song sounds lovely.


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