Mission Impossible Fallout review; An escapist thrill-ride

Mission Impossible’s great feat is that each film that follows manages to be its own, somewhat self-contained vessel of pure thrill, action and awe. It’s a franchise that understands it’s own identity and does not pretend or try too hard to be anything more than death-defying entertainment fueled with explosions, espionage and pure electricity. Rinse and repeat. With familiar characters being reprised in new dynamics, Mission Impossible amps up its game while maintaining a comforting air of familiarity that audiences have grown to love through the years. Mission Impossible:Fallout is still entertaining, funny and thrilling as ever. Until the day it stops becoming an indulgence of heart-stopping action, Mission Impossible continues to be a fantastic watch.

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Mission Impossible: Fallout’s action sequences are something to behold. The chase-sequences are jaw-droppingly tense. I’m not exagerrating but I was literally sweating all over myself throughout large parts of the film. Threading on the edges of a tight-rope, the film manages to amp it up and maintain that level of intensity effortlessly. With comedic quips from Simon Pegg and Ving Rhames and the fiesty Rebecca Ferguson, Mission Impossible makes Tom Cruise’s single-hero act more wholesome. Though Tom Cruise will always be the titular hero, I think a large part of the franchise success also comes from the rapport and dynamic that his supporting cast have built throughout the years. It was quite touching to see Michelle Monaghan’s character appear again as the film rounded off it’s incredulous extravaganza with an even more preposterous and dramatic finale.

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For fans of the series, Mission Impossible may be one of the best the franchise has to offer so far. It is a spectacle of pure escapism and thrill away from the realities of our world. Whilst many franchises and movies compete to meet our insatiable taste for action-packed pleasures, few can claim to consistently and successfully push these buttons. I had an extremely fun time indulging in the film’s funhouse of never-ending hanging-by-the-thread kind of scenes. I’m beginning to appreciate how films like Mission Impossible: Fallout serve as a world away from a world. Mission Impossible’s absurdist entertainment is mixed with occasional asides to either comedic or emotional moments, bending it just enough to create a semblance of real life happening in a tangible world. But it doesn’t become too serious or gritty to break the escapist thrill-ride; And that’s exactly why we love Mission Impossible so much.

Rating: 8/10


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