I Lost My Body review; The best animated film of 2019.

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I Lost My Body is one of this year’s more profound films. Its creative use of animation brilliantly expounds on surprisingly deep and abstract themes of fate, choice and personal agency. The main narrative unfolds alongside the metaphysical journey of the ‘moving hand’, combining the brutal corporeal realities of life with a whimsical sense of wonder. It is an exercise of animation at its best, where the elements of time and space can be bent, warped, deconstructed and reconstructed to create images that astound and move like never before. With dynamic visuals, non-linear storytelling and focus on characterization , I Lost My Body is a sophisticated and moving experience.

i lost my body

With a dedicated show-not-tell approach, I Lost My Body’s sense of maturity and craftsmanship is immediately apparent. It does not infantilize its audience. It allows us, at every step of the way, to dwell in lingering images and unspoken emotions. With an amusing and exhilarating side-story of a severed hand that is determined to reach a particular destination, I Lost My Body uses a magical sense of intrigue to contrast its visceral and realistic depictions of its main story. The end result is a collision of seemingly disparate images and plots which emphasize the inner collision and conflict between past and present, and the intensely personal struggle of fate and personal will. It is an eclectic story of friendship, of alienation and of self-determination. But most of all, it is so very moving.

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I Lost My Body is ultimately an extremely powerful and transporting experience. Fans of quirky and mature animation will find this one right up their wheelhouse. But I honestly think this will appeal greatly to everyone. Slightly less cryptic than The Red Turtle but carrying just as much emotional heft, I Lost My Body is an embodiment of animation that serves the story. It is challenging, rewarding and immensely thought-provoking. This is, without a doubt, one of the best movies of 2019.

Rating: 10/10

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    1. Thank you! Iā€™d highly recommend this film.


  1. Carson Maitland - Smith says:

    May we remember Scoob as the best animated film of 2020

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    1. Let’s hope its good!


  2. Chris says:

    Sounds great! Now I want to check it out before I do my year end list.

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    1. Glad I was able to highlight this! Excited to hear your thoughts!

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  3. oliyan beth says:

    thanks for share this awesome blog i really like this topic because i am a professional animater check my profile http://illustrationstyles.net/


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