Weekend Music Jams; Moonlight soundtrack


If you haven’t seen the film Moonlight, you might…or actually might not want to hear the soundtrack. We always say trailers spoil the movie (which I fully agree), but can a soundtrack spoil a film??! For me, Moonlight’s soundtrack, like The Handmaiden, Nocturnal Animals, Arrival and Lion’s soundtrack all really moved me in a special way. Oh wait, I think I just spoiled my favourite soundtracks of the year for a later awards post…Seems like we can’t talk bout nothin’ without spoiling somethin’!

Anyhow, for this weeks Weekend Music Jams post, I just wanted to share the complete soundtrack of Moonlight. Nicolas Britell’s orchestral scores really capture the sense of time that sweeps us up, the idea that we are in the process of finding ourselves in this world. It is melancholic, vast and poetic. I also like the other songs that weren’t composed by him like Every Nigg* is a Star and Hello Stranger…and if you’ve seen the film, these tunes are all the more powerful.

Calm down from the La La Land feel-good vibes, Moonlight’s is all about speaking to your soul. Enjoy.

The full soundtrack is the last one, the first three are some of my favourites but I honestly love all of them 🙂 LOVE LOVE LOVE.



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